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information concerning the handling of personal data in accordance with article 13 of Decree Law 196 dated 30/06/2003 relating to the protection of privacy.


Dear guests


Please note that to stipulate a contract between the hotel and guests, the hotel is in possession of personal data acquired, also verbally, directly or from third parties, as specified in Decree Law 196 dated 30/06/2003 (personal data confidentiality). The legislation requires that those handling personal data inform the relevant persons concerning the data handled and specific aspects qualifying handling. Data must be handled transparently and in accordance with legislation to protect your privacy and other rights.


In accordance with this legislation you are informed of the following.


Type of data handled


We handle the personal, tax and financial data needed to manage the current or future contractual relationship with your company. We are not in possession of any data defined as sensitive (art. 4 clause "b" Decree Law, 196) or judicial (art. 4 clause "e" Decree Law, 196).


Purpose of data handling


Your data is handled as part of contractual needs and the consequent legal and tax obligations, as well as to ensure efficient management of commercial and financial aspects. The data is handled for the entire duration of the contract and for a further period to satisfy legal obligations and for administrative and commercial purposes.


Method of handling


Data is handled using tools and procedures suitable to ensure security and confidentiality. Data may be handled using paper and electronic formats.


Compulsory and optional supply of data


As far as the data which we are obliged to handle is concerned, as a result of obligations resulting from legislation, regulations and EU directives, that is to say imposed by an authority and enshrined in law and regulated by control and monitoring bodies, failure to supply this data by you shall make it impossible to stipulate or abide by any contract, within the limits in which this data is needed to stipulate and abide by the contract. As far as the data which we are not obliged to handle is concerned, failure to supply this data shall be assessed by us case by case and will determine the consequent decisions in relation to the importance for us of the data requested but not supplied.


Your data will not be distributed by us, that is to say it will not be given to unknown persons in any way including making it available for consultation. Your data may be distributed by us, that is to say given to one or more known persons, under the following terms:


  • persons permitted to access the data in accordance with legislation, regulations and EU directives within the limits specified by these regulations;
  • persons needing to access the data as part of an auxiliary function of the contract stipulated between us and you, within the limits required to perform these auxiliary functions (e.g. banks and couriers);
  • persons acting as our consultants, within the limits required to perform their duties for our company, following reading of the contract between us and them stipulating the need for confidentiality and security.



Your rights


Part of article 7 of Decree Law 196 is reproduced below to inform you that you may exercise the following rights in relation to us:


  • secure confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning you, even if not yet recorded, and obtain a copy in an intelligible format of the said data and information concerning its origin as well as the purpose for which the data is handled;
  • secure cancellation, transformation into anonymous format or blocking of data which does not need to be stored, in relation to the purpose for which the data was collected and handled;
  • secure updating, correction and integration of data;
  • object to, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, handling of your personal data, even data relevant to the purpose for which it is collected;
  • object to, in whole or in part, handling of your personal data for the purposes of sales information or distribution of publicity material or direct sales that is to say to conduct market research or supply interactive sales information.




To exercise these rights please contact the person nominated by us, Mr Adriano Bianco, in one of the following ways:


Telephone +39 0122 85.80.15;


Hotel Monte Triplex postal address:;


Persons or body responsible for handling of data


The body responsible for handling data is the firm SEL SPORT & FOOD SRL. Company details are supplied below.


The complete list of persons nominated by us and responsible for handling data can be obtained from SEL SPORT & FOOD SRL.


Kind regards




Corso REGINA Margherita 213

10144 Torino


Person in charge of data handling

Barbara Merlin

Hotel Monte Triplex ***

Località Sportinia 4, 10050 Sauze d'Oulx, Italy

Tel: +39 0122 85.80.15

Email: - P. IVA 10974240011


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